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Anandha Kuzhanthaigal Rehabilitation Centre
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Anandha Kuzhanthaigal Rehabilitation Centre

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About Us

Anandha Kuzhanthaigal Rehabilitation Centre is non-profit, non-commercial, voluntary organization dedicated to the welfare of the Mentally Challenged. Established in 2007, the institute is managed by a team of committed professionals interested in the welfare of the mentally challenged.

The Institute operates a day-care and residential center for boys and girls with mental disability. Tailor-made educational programs provide these students with basic life skills and fundamental concepts that will help them function as independently as possible on a day-to-day basis.

The Institute started with 5 students in 2007, today the Institute is serving 75 mentally challenged persons. The boys and girls are accommodated in two separate buildings with a common dining facility.

In order to extend such services to affected people in the underserved rural areas, Anandha Kuzhanthaigal has started a rehabilitation center in the village of Nellorepet, Gudiyatham, in Vellore district. Here, persons with mental retardation are trained in the basics of self help and in trades such as vegetable gardening, Leaf cup making and small-scale production of food items such as papads and pickles.

Anandha Kuzhanthaigal Rehabilitation Centre has COMPLETED a Residential School Project for the Deaf at our Rural Centre where 40 poor Deaf Children were taught upto V class, and all these children were integrated in a regular school.

Students are introduced to concepts such as time, color, and trained in dressing, personal hygiene, eating, and so on. Yoga, speech therapy and physiotherapy are provided according to need. For older children who can cope, vocational training is arranged. Excursions and picnics for the whole group provide opportunities to develop social behavior skills and learn to interact with outside world.



Mr. R. Kirubakaran    is the founding secretary of Anandha Kuzhanthaigal Rehabilitation Centre. He has extensive experience of over a decade in the field of Mental Retardation and he has worked with major NGOs in Vellore & Gudiyatham, Tamilnadu.

Mrs. K. Saraswathi    is the member of trusty of Anandha Kuzhanthaigal Rehabilitation Centre School for the mentally challenged and she is an active supporter in all the endeavors pursued by Saraswathi. She has done a B.Lit, DSEMR and D.Ted. She has also over decades experience as Special teacher in various major NGOs in Vellore & Gudiyatham, Tamilnadu.


Mr. K. JowriLal    (Member Of Trustee)
Mr. G. Ravi    (Secretary Of Trustee)
Mr. R. Kamaraj    (Treasurer Of Trustee)
Mr. K. Krishnan    (Member Of Trustee)
Dr. K. Ramesh    (Member Of Trustee)
Mr. S. Saraswathi    (Member Of Trustee)
Mr. B. UmeshKumar    (Member Of Trustee)


In an effort to care for the mentally challenged children of the communities. Anandha Kuzhanthaigal Rehabilitation Centre opened a Special School in 2007, with 7 students.

Trained Staff

“Anandha Kuzhanthaigal Rehabilitation Centre” has been providing special education to the mentally handicapped children through the efforts of our well trained staff, who are wall qualified in special education.

The teachers have all been trained but the extraordinary thing about Anandha Kuzhanthaigal Rehabilitation Centre is the atmosphere of love which surrounds it and the extraordinary support it gets from its vibrant Parent/Teachers Association.

Special School

The special school for the welfare of mentally challenged children provides boarding and lodging facility in the hostel attached to the school, maintaining the children with care.

Present strength in Special School

The present strength of the school is 75.

Free Bus Transport Facilities

Previously the students of our school used to reach the school by three wheelers and by hired vehicles. Now we have arranged a Free Buses for their transport which made them easier to reach the school in time and to return to their homes happily and in good sprits. The Free Buses which our organization has purchased for the use of our institution has increased the strength of the day scholars in a progressive way.

Identification of mentally handicapped children

The staff of our institution usually proceed to the tribal and backward areas for the purpose of identification of mentally handicapped children and to assist them to cope with the daily routine in a purposeful way. The parents of these children cannot come to the institution for any counseling, which is essential, or for admission as they are far away from our institution and this is due to ignorance, lack of knowledge and sufficient information and due to their financial difficulties.

Therapies and Trainings provided to special children

We are providing behaviour modification of the mentally handicapped through the services of physiotherapy, speech therapy, music therapy, yoga therapy and special education techniques by a team of interdisciplinary teachers, whom we approached by paying visits, who are employed in other noted institutions.

We have train our students in daily living skills, who are unable to do their daily chores, like eating, dressing, grooming, and also toileting etc. The main purpose of this training programme is to infuse confidence in them, to make them feel that, they are quite efficient and can attend to their daily needs with more confidence then ever as the ordinary children of their age group and move in the society with some satisfaction facing challenges.

We have some plans to go in for sheltered workshops, where note books preparation and dairy-farming can be taken up to produce easily marketable items.

If such mentally handicapped children are given such attention by our experienced staff in such activities as mentioned above, the self confidence of the students will grow more and pave the way for the development of human resources aspect.

   - School
   - Class Room Teaching
   - Physio Therapy
   - Speech Therapy
   - Dance
   - Drawing
   - Games / Sports
   - Vocational Training
   - Life Skills
   - Medical Checkup by doctors
   - Hostel Facility
   - Food Production Item
   - School Project for Deaf

Our institution “Anandha Kuzhanthaigal Rehabilitation Centre” is on of the institutions, which is running a hostel for the mentally handicapped children all through the year in this part of the country. The advertisements in newspapers and T.V. channels have mentioned again and again that our institution has a hostel which is providing free boarding and lodging.

The parents actually felt that their children could not be managed, controlled or counseled by them in their respective hours. Hence, they wish to keep their children in our hostel itself, for it is being maintained in an efficient and proper manner and services as a safe place for them to live and to learn more about in a congenial way.

A notable feature of our institution is “ours is the only organization in these parts of the country where we admit children in the school and/or hostel who are fully dependent on others because of their under-developed capacities and have always to be attended even for basic needs”. We provide for such needy children a life-long shelter and rehabilitation with parental care and attention. We have children of such category. We feel happy and content with the lot.

Facilities in Hostel

Dinning Hall & Kitchen
T.V Room
Hostel care takers ( 1 for domitory )

Adressing problems of Adolescent Mentally Handicapped Children
Our institution is also interested in adolescent problems which need more attention. The period of adolescence is roughly between the ages of 0 to 15 years. Some times the adolescent problems lead persons to a kind of risk. The paramount risk is a tendency towards committing suicides. It runs maximum during the period of adolescence among mentally handicapped persons, when sharply rejected by the society, because it is the stage when failure is taken very seriously in the case of mentally retarded persons. Some of them are even prone to mental illness with no relief whatsoever.


Reading, Writing, Numbers, Time, Money Concept, Coloring, Shaping, Dressing, Meal Time Activity, Occupational Therapy, Recreation Activity, Home Living Skill

Other Programmes

Evaluation of mentally handicapped
Special Education
Vocational training
Self Help group
Training programme for the parents of mentally Handicapped and professional
Individual treatment (which includes speech therapy, Physiotherapy, Yoga Therapy and behaviour modifications)
Home Training

Programme in Rural Areas:

Rural Camps
Evaluation of referrals and counseling from Approved Hospital, Govt. Hospital for mental care and other Hospitals)

Support Us

If generous sponsors are forthcoming, we wish to support more mentally challenged children and extend the same facility to them. We have been making constant efforts in this direction also and we welcome such a gesture from humanitarian individuals, locally and from abroad.


our Mission
our Mission Through constant professional endeavours empowering the persons with mental retardation to access the state of the art rehabilitation intervention by qualified people viz., Educational Therapeutic, Vocational, Employment, Leisure and Social Activities, Sports, Cultural Services and Full Participation.
The quality of every person with mental retardation is equal to other citizens in the country in that they will have independent living and community integrating to the maximum extent possible.
To act as a resource center for protection of rights, equal opportunity and full participation for the persons with mentally retardation.